Luka Lesson

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One of the greatest perks of my job as a teacher is author visits. Last week, Australian (Brisbane!) performance poet and 2011 Australian Poetry Slam winner Luka Lesson came to the high school library. His work inspired me to move forward on a writing project I’ve been stewing over. Confession: I’ve secretly harboured some prejudice towards rap. Sorry, rappers. My loss.

Luka Lesson calls himself poet, rapper, and artist. What he does is overpowering. His poetry is alive. It gets into all your senses.

When he writes/talks/performs about writing, it’s a passionate love affair. When his subject is juveniles being processed as adults in the Queensland legal system, it’s angry.  When his subject is love, it’s consuming.

And you feel it. Here he is performing in the 2011 Australian Poetry Slam.

On his site you can watch and read a lot of his work.

I take back everything I ever thought about rhyming and rhythmic poetry. Luka Lesson’s work is power.

Power to make you see. Power to make you feel. Power to make you get up and do something.

Here’s a snatch of his poem, “May Your Pen Grace the Page“:

May your pen express upon the page every feeling you’re in

May your white page – Yang

Love your black pen – Yin

May the ball in your ball point roll ‘cause that’s the point of the ball

And if we can’t make our points then what’s the point of it all?