Make her a little more obsessed with death

I said I wouldn’t keep writing about nanowrimo, but since it’s two weeks since I blogged, I thought it might be all right. It’s not like anyone has to read daily updates. Be grateful. At this minute, I’m at 22,000 words—about 6,000 behind, I think. Parent Conferences—83 in 3 days last week—burnt me out, and I’m just recovering. But I’ve been thinking. And watching movies that may prove useful. And ten minutes ago, I promised by nanowrimo buddy that in ten minutes I’d be working hard at it, and here I am, not working hard at it.

One thing I find challenging in nanowrimo is that in order to write 50,000 words, you absolutely do not have time to go back and revise. Perhaps if you don’t have to go to work, you might be able to, but this is not my situation. Not, not, not my situation. One way I cope with this is to keep a list of revision instructions to remind me of things I need to fix after November.

So, here’s my revision list:

• Add writing quotes (Looking back, I have no idea what this means. Drat.)
• Sort out the time continuity
• When Corinne and Marcus spin around on the grass, describe it in more detail
• Make her a little more obsessed with death
• Give her flashbacks of her life – bit by bit.
• Change from Marcus mom’s car to his mom’s old car.
• Make sure each day starts with a msg from Marcus
• Have her take a sweater to the party so she can use it to staunch S’s bleeding
• Go back and have the doctors take an x-ray of Shanelle’s head, rather than a scan, and keep her in overnight. They’ll decide tomorrow whether or not she needs a scan. She goes home in the morning.
• She is in French class in Chapter 11. Add that earlier.
• Compare Shanelle to Barbie
• Don’t make Marcus into the sufi religion so much. Just whirling. The Eat Pray Love lady is into Sufi poetry☹
• Change her AP English novel from 1984 to A Room With a View.
• Make her lie about year book club. She hasn’t really been going. She just says she is. The counselor calls her in about it. She also purposely doesn’t go to her college planning meetings.
• Make sure Corinne and Shanelle are in the same English class.

Riveting, non?

I just thought of a better way to start this blog, but I’m not going back. I’ll add it to my revision list.

Here is one of my favorite sentences:

“Make up your mind. Is he a German or a battery hen?”

Back to it.


2 thoughts on “Make her a little more obsessed with death

  1. Good luck with your NaNo project! I make these revision lists as well for my drafts, but yours sounds like more fun than mine. Also, I love your favorite sentence from your WIP. Keep at it, and maybe you’ll catch up and win NaNo this year. Even if you don’t, you’ll still have all those words you’ve written so far.

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